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Dear Supporter,
Happy New Year from everyone at ShelterBox!
2010 was our ten-year anniversary and one of the busiest years in our history. Thanks to your support we distributed more than 45,000 ShelterBoxes to families in desperate need; nearly five times as many as we did in 2009.
We delivered aid in 17 countries (Kenya, Haiti, Peru, Egypt, Chile, Uganda , Fiji, China, Mexico, Guatemala, Pakistan , Brazil, Niger, the Philippines, Indonesia, St Lucia and Colombia) in response to 22 disasters.
It’s because of your support that there are thousands of families, even as you read this, calling a ShelterBox tent their home. You have helped save and protect hundreds and thousands of lives.
Click here or on the right-hand side image to read a break down of our work in 2010.
We don’t know what this year has in store but we do, unfortunately, know there will be disasters. With your continued support we will carry on delivering shelter, warmth and dignity to families around the world who lose everything when disaster strikes.

Haiti Earthquake: One year on

On January 12, 2010 the Caribbean island of Haiti was hit by an earthquake that caused some of the worst destruction the world has ever seen. More than 200,000 people lost their lives in the tragedy and more than a million people lost their homes. Next week we will be marking the one-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake.

Our response to the earthquake was the largest, most challenging and longest deployment in our history. We committed emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for more than 28,000 families to the country and our aid is still needed a year later.
Starting on Monday, January 10 we will be featuring a series of articles on our website detailing our response, the current situation in Haiti and reflections from our staff, volunteers and Response Team members.
Our tents were recently described as the 'Rolls Royce' of tents in Haiti by Lonley Planet writer Paul Clammer. Click here or on the right-hand image to find out more.

Colombian families grateful for gift of shelter

Our work in Colombia is continuing with emergency aid reaching the hardest hit families.
Nearly two million people have been affected by the worst floods in Colombia’s history. We have committed 1,200 ShelterBoxes and the Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, has praised us for coming to his country’s aid.

Click here or on the right-hand side image to find out more and see a series of images from Colombia.

First deployment to Panama finds desperate need

A ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) is currently working in Panama - the first time we’ve worked in the country.
They are operating in the Darien province, one of South America’s most remote regions, and will be distributing 200 ShelterBoxes to the most vulnerable families which include new born babies and a 110 year-old matriarch.
We’re helping indigenous people who have had to abandon their village and rebuild deeper in the rainforest. They are calling their new village ‘New Dawn.’
Click here or on the image to the right-hand side to find out more.

Exciting year ahead for ShelterBox International Academy for Disaster Relief

This year is full of opportunities for you to learn more about ShelterBox, gain new skills and discover more about yourself with the ShelterBox International Academy for Disaster Relief.
All our volunteer SRT members have to graduate from our Academy before they can deliver aid to families in need. As well as training our Response Team, the Academy also offers bespoke courses for businesses, individuals and other groups.
From survival courses to first aid courses, there really is something for everyone to get involved with. You can even apply to become a member of our highly-trained Response Teams.
Click here to find out more about our Academy and discover the steps you need to take to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

Make it your mission to support ShelterBox in 2011

Our work would not be possible without the incredible support we receive from around the world. Why not make it your mission in 2011 to support ShelterBox?
You can help provide a family with the emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies they need to survive when they lose everything in a disaster. From fundraising events and challenges to fundraising at work, there are plenty of ways you can support ShelterBox.
We’ve also launched our new Gifts in Wills programme which you can find out more about by clicking here.
As a member of the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB), we have made a public promise to adhere to best practice, honesty, transparency, clarity and accountability in all fundraising activity, enabling you to give with confidence.
Thank you again for your support and very best wishes for the year ahead,
The ShelterBox Team


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